Present Position & Services offered

I spend most of my time engaged in clinical psycho-analysis in my consulting rooms in Sydney. I also lecture in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, England, Scandinavia, Brazil and Israel.
I also offer supervision over the telephone to those in Australia and also in other countries. This supervision is either on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Supervision is also available for those who may require a singular consultation in the event of a case which is temporarily presenting a difficulty.

I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese


I also offer to do a ‘Residency’. This means that I go as guest to an Institute of Psycho-Analysis or a therapeutic organization in any country in the world and during that time offer seminars, supervision or, in some cases, therapy. Such a residency can be short-term such as for a two week period or long-term – lasting either three or six months. In these longer residencies it is possible to encompass in a fuller and more sustained way the development of a particular psychological outlook such as Growth of Mind, Strengthening of Character, Overcoming Narcissism, Development of Creativity and other topics. I am therefore open to exploration into any of these areas from any part of the world. Travel, accommodation and fees are all matters which are open to negotiation.

Those wanting to avail themselves of this service please contact me in the first instance by email



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